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Kalani David cracks the top 5 at the 13th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest

Kalani was destroying the pool at the SJ Lake Cunningham skatepark. He was blasting big Stalefishes, 540’s, kickflip indy’s, stalefish to disaster over the hip, and more to make the top 5 in his  3rd pro contest. Grom prospects Seth Sanders and CJ Collins were both ripping the pool and showing that the future looks bright!

Kalani David Blasting a Stalefish

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Seth Sanders with a stylish Layback

tim brauch memorial,Seth Sanders,Pocket Pistols Skates,PPS,Layback,San Jose,Lake Cunningham skatepark

CJ Collins BS Air Attack

CJ Collins,San Jose,Lake Cunningham skatepark,tim brauch memorial,Pocket Pistols Skates,PPS


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